The COPE Hotline provides crisis intervention, suicide prevention, assistance finding services and 24/7 emotional support that keeps people out of crisis.

COPE had an outstanding 2013 with many accomplishments:

  • With over 40 volunteers, COPE provided a safe, non-judgmental phone experience for over 20,000 callers.
  • Reached over 2,300 students through presentations in the High Schools, Middle Schools, and Elementary Schools in Ozaukee County.
  • Added additional hours to the safe, teen chat line for youth in Ozaukee County.
  • Presented “Safe Driving for Seniors” presentations to many senior centers and senior living facilities throughout the county.
  • Provided 20,921 COPE calls!

The online database continues to be an important resource for the community providing 730 referrals in 2013.  COPE provides the online resource database free to the community and to truly make this the community’s resource, we have changed the address to

How does COPE provide a safety net for our community?  Recent Ozaukee County COPE calls;


  • “I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for COPE.”
  • “I just needed to hear something positive today.  Thank you.”
  • The caller talked about how difficult things are right now; unemployed, can’t find steady work, losing his home to foreclosure.  “Life is not turning out how I wanted. I just want a normal life.”  The COPE Listener empathizes, listens, and gives the caller referrals.  At call-end the caller says, “I feel so much better simply by talking.  I am so grateful that COPE is here.”
  • A young man calls.  He is depressed.  He can’t afford counseling.  The well-trained COPE Listener asks if he is considering suicide.  He responds, “Not right now.”  COPE finds counseling resources for him.

Through the mission of COPE, 24/7 emotional support is provided that keeps people out of crisis.  How could you help COPE provide this safety net for our community?

  • Is there an HR notice board where you work to post COPE brochures?
  • Could your donation be matched by your employer?
  • Does volunteering for COPE appeal to you?

Thank you for your support that makes the safety net that is COPE possible for our community.


Cope Hotline:



Teen/Home-Alone Line

(262) 377-7786

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